Earth Land & Sea skin products comes to you from the beautiful East Coast of Tasmania where the air is pure and the environment pristine.

Hello. My name is Binny and this is my story.

Many years ago I met a lady who suffered badly from Psoriasis. The commercial products she used did not seem to offer her the relief she was seeking. Wishing to give this lady some relief I set about researching a cream which I could make, just for Psoriasis. Over a five year period I made dozens of creams, testing them on friends and relatives. I was determined only to source organic or naturally grown ingredients purchased only from Australian distributors.

Earth Land and Sea Skin Care Products

It took another five years of tweaking before I felt my cream was of a quality I could proudly offer for sale which I call my Psoriasis and Eczema Cream.

It is with a great deal of pride that my many customers who regularly come back speak very highly of the relief my cream gives them. Over time I have discovered from customer feedback my Psoriasis and Eczema Cream  also gives wonderful  relief for sunburn, works effectively on chemical burns and is great for general healing.

This success inspired me to develop other products and there are plans to develop another.

I use a range of ingredients including such things as organic Jojoba Oil, organic or naturally grown Essential oils, Avocado, Rose Hip, natural Vitamin E, emulsifiers, (the ingredients which help stabilise the creams) are all vegetable derivatives, citrus based preservatives, kelp and marine collagen, just to name a few.

You have my personal guarantee none of my product is tested on animals and they contain no chemicals or petroleum based ingredients.
My range of products are made personally so you can be assured the best possible quality ingredients are combined to give you the high standard product you should expect. I am committed to the best ingredients and my lab is dedicated solely for the creation of my skin products.

I use all my own products of course. I would not make or sell anything I would not personally use.

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